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Dated: 08/05/2015

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Vilma Jaruliene with JAV Insurance & Financial LLC

Vilma Jarulien is the President at JAV Insurance and Financial LLC.  They provide their clients with Auto, Home, Life, Health and Business Insurance.  They also provide Investment and Retirement plans and free notary public services.  She enjoys an active lifestyle outside of work with lots of hobbies.  She helps out at her parish, is a member of the American Lithuanian Engineer and Architect Organization (non-profit), and volunteers at Oak Lawn Business Chamber Events.  Vilma also speaks three languages fluently, English, Lithuanian and Russian.  Her agency won a trip for their production levels in 2012 and she was awarded the triple crown in 2014, most productive agent in Southern IL district in 2014 and Life recognition award in 2014.

If you want someone whose real passion is to help people and is going to have your best interest at heart, give Vilma a call!

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